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Fire attack: Hose size matters Fire Rescue 1

Fire attack: Hose size matters. The issue with selecting the correct size line is the amount of water that can be delivered from that hose line. Select the wrong size in the beginning, and the

Fishing Line Guide What Fishing Line To Use BassFishin

May 05, 2011 · The BassFishin Line Guide Knowing what size and type line to use for different baits is critical. To be the best fisherman you can be, you have to know which tools are right for the job. The BassFishin Line Guide sets out to provide you with the most effective fishing line choices for various lures and techniques.

How To Choose The Proper Fishing Line For Your Technique

You now have the option of trying monofilament, fluorocarbon or braid, so you have to decide which type of line is best for your style of fishing. Monofilament Fishing Line. The best multipurpose line is monofilament. It has been an allaround great bass fishing line for years and is affordable. Monofilament has more stretch than fluorocarbon

Supply Line Sizes for Toilet and Faucet

Oct 14, 2014 · I explain the different supply line sizes for a toilet and a faucet. Category Howto & Style Show more Show How to Determine Your Supply Line Size

Understanding Different Types of Weed Eater Line

Oct 29, 2018 · The size (diameter) and shape of the line are the only important facts to consider when making your choice. Occasionally a brand will offer some specialty line made of a different material or fitted to the trimmer head in a unique way, but in general these are not very important details for you to learn about to make the best choice of line.

Brake line size, what is the best? The H.A.M.B.

Aug 13, 2011 · Brake line size, what is the best? Discussion in ''The Hokey Ass Message Board Guys, Sounds like I will use a combintion of both sizes. Should work fine. Just threw me when my replacement hoses have different inlet thread sizes than the originals. GREASER815 the things to remember are that line size only has an effect when the fluid is


The fuel line kit is 530069599, which supercedes part number 530069598. This kit is extremely popular and contains two different size fuel lines that are very common to fuel systems using a remote primer bulb. The larger fuel line is 3/16 inch OD by 3/32 inch ID and is


appliion dictates different line sizes due to pressure drop, refrigerant velocity constraints and/or line set lengths. For cooling systems where the in door and outdoor sections are installed at the same elevation, refrigerant line sizes can usually be matched with the factory supplied fittings. There are

Popular Fishing Line Types & Setup

The most important characteristic of all fishing line types is not the various fishing line sizes. It''s the line''s breaking strength: the amount of force the line can hold before it parts. This is expressed as poundtest. So 10lb test fishing line should hold 10 pounds before it

Sizes 5 sizes

Great site! In general I think the idea of having 5 sizes is great, however, they are not perfect, for example, my flaccid penis length is a size 1, but my length is a size 2, and that''s not even including girth, because I''m sure if there was a size, I would be right on avg. for that (#3 I guess), so it''s hard to say what size

In MS Word Line Numbers change font size and type, even

In MS Word Line Numbers change font size and type, even margins. by TheFreeWindows · April 13, 2019. You may have some pages in your document that use line numbering. In the dialogue that lets you apply this style (Layout > Line Numbers) there is no option to change the format of numbers! The default format of Word line numbering follows the

List of screw drives Wikipedia

A screw drive is a system used to turn a screw. At a minimum, it is a set of shaped cavities and protrusions on the screw head that allows torque to be applied to it. Usually, it also involves a mating tool, such as a screwdriver, that is used to turn it.The following heads are egorized based on commonality, with some of the lesscommon drives being classified as "tamperresistant".

Standard Pipe Schedules and Sizes Chart Table Data

Standard Pipe Schedules and Sizes Chart Data for ANSI / ASME B36.10M and API 5L. Data given in based on the NPS Tables given by ANSI B36.10M and includes Pipe wall thickness, outside diameter, nominal diameter.

Fuel Line Size vs. Pressure Drop Premier Performance

Fuel line Size Vs. Pressure Drop. It is important to understand the relationship between fuel line size and fuel pressure when planning a fuel delivery system. Fuel systems can be incorrectly designed if the pressure loss attributed to the length of the fuel lines isn''t taken into account.

Calculating the required water supply line size

Sep 22, 2014 · In terms of the DEP water supply line size table, whose key component is gallons per minute, the differences are even more dramatic. Basing calculations of an average run of pipe of 50′, an 1 1/4″ line provides 16 gallons per minute. On the other hand a 1″ line only provides 9 gallons per minute.

How To Pick The Right Line Size (2 of 15) Orvis

How To Pick The Right Line Size (2 of 15) I can go through the various line sizes for you. Size 1 and size 2 lines and size 1 and size 2 rods because they''re designed for each other (you don''t design a fly rod until you have a line size in mind) so a size 1 and a size 2 are very thin, very delie fly lines.

What Size Braided Line To Use? Fishing Rods, Reels, Line

Jun 27, 2014 · Hello all. I recently purchased a Pflueger Summit (SMT30X) spinning reel and Im planning on buying a St. Croix Triumph 66 MF spinning rod. After reading through the forums Ive decided to use PowerPro braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. Im still undecided when it

Compressed Air Pipe Lines Recommended Size

Compressed Air Pipe Lines Recommended Size Air pipe lines at pressure 100 psi. Sponsored Links . Recommended air pipe line sizes with schedule 40 steel pipes and air pressure 100 psi (6.9 bar, 689500 Pa): Recommended Pipe Size (inches) Free Air Flow (cfm)

Lopsided Vagina: 9 Different Labia Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

Jun 06, 2018 · When people mention vaginal appearance (lopsided or otherwise), they''re usually talking about the labia, or "vaginal lips." Labia come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and all of them are

Gas Line Size for a Gas Stove Hunker

May 30, 2018 · When looking to install a new gas range, be mindful of the gas lines available to you. Without the right sized gas line, your appliance won''t work properly, or could turn into a safety hazard. To find the appropriate size of gas line, you''ll need a few measurements and a sizing table.

css how to have text of 2 font sizes in same line in

May 24, 2018 · I am developing a front end HTML page using bootstrap and basic HTML code. I need to print price of a particular product say $63. I want this to be in same line but the size of $ needs to be smaller than the number.

Trimmer Line Size LawnSite

Jul 11, 2012 · There''s even a .065 size line, but why would you want to go that small?.080 and .065 were made for electric and battery trimmers with limited power. Less power means that they can''t eat up line as fast, and cannot swing around a thick line.

What Size Is a Refrigerator Water Line? Home Guides SF

Tubing Sizes. Most flexible copper refrigerator water lines have an outside diameter of 1/4 inch. Most flexible plastic water lines for refrigerators come with outside diameters of either 1/4 inch

Grout Lines: How to Determine What Size Grout Line To Use

Jun 15, 2013 · Because a medium size grout line is easier to work with, and in most cases can hide some slight imperfections, it is often the choice of both experts and the average DIY homeowner. Large Grout Joints. Tiles that vary in size and shape need large grout joint widths — 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Large grout joints will require the use of sanded grout.

What is the Common Water Line Size Under a Sink? Hunker

A kitchen faucet water line is 1/2 inch in diameter. This 1/2inch pipe supplies the water for the faucet from the home''s main water line. Two water lines are present under your sink at the kitchen faucet one is for the hot water, the other for cold water. Both lines connect to flexible supply tubing that runs up to the base of the faucet.

Know Your STIHL Trimmer Line STIHL USA

With a custom blend of polymers, STIHL produces six types of trimmer line, each designed for a different type of cutting appliion. Why six types? Because not all cutting jobs are the same – we make different diameters and shapes of cutting line to accommodate the wide range of cutting scenarios you might find in your landscape.

How to have different cell heights in the same row with

Jul 09, 2019 · How to have different cell heights in the same row with "Line Break" enabled in Excel (total of four it''s a SWOT). Now under each egory in the column I have a small text with Line Break enabled. So far so good, but now the problem begins. Since the text in each row doesn''t necessarily correspond in length to the adjacent column (or

css how to have text of 2 font sizes in same line in

May 23, 2018 · I am developing a front end HTML page using bootstrap and basic HTML code. I need to print price of a particular product say $63. I want this to be in same line but the size of $ needs to be smaller than the number.

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