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Design and Operation of Dry Slag Granulation Pilot Plant

Abstract. CSIRO has been working on a dry granulation process, integrated with heat recovery, since 2002. It involves a rotary disc that atomizes molten slag to produce liquid droplets, which are rapidly quenched to become solid granules.

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INBA Slag Granulation Dry slag granulation technology has been developed, and a fullscale demonstration plant is under Read More. Global Slag Knowledge Base. Paper 6 Dry slag granulation with energy recovery: From inception to hot Paper 6 INBA® Slag Granulation Systems for Blast Furnace Plants: Dave Berdusco:

''Dry'' Granulation of Slags for Producing Cement Binder

Rapid quenching of molten slag is required to produce ''hydraulicallyactive'' binder when reacting with OPC but water quenching can also require between five to ten tons of water per ton of slag at the plant. ''Dry'' granulation (atomisation) is emerging as an alternative technology, the resulting solid product does not require drying

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Paul Wurth''s dry slag granulation process with energy recovery has won the After a series of trials, an industrial pilot plant began construction in which can also been applied to steelmaking, EAF or ferronickel slags".

Dry Slag Granulation: A Path to Improving the Safety and

The energy in slag is lost through dumping and water granulation processes, and where slag is sold as a byproduct, it is for its chemical content only. Here, dry granulation processes also offer advantages including the production of byproducts which hold value in both their chemical content and physical properties and heat recovery.

Forging a future in green steelmaking CSIRO

Our dry slag granulation technology involves pouring molten slag from above our rig down to a spinning disc. That disc is spinning at high speed and it atomises the molten slag into small granules. [Image changes to show molten slag being atomised and collected in the taurus]

TPT: Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag for Heat Recovery

Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag for Heat Recovery. Blast furnace slag is known as a byproduct from the production of hot metal at integrated steel and iron mills. Approximately 300 kg of this liquid slag with a temperature of about 1500°C is tapped together with each ton hot metal. This results in a worldwide annual production of about

Heat recovery in dry granulation of molten blast furnace slag

@article{osti_5610662, title = {Heat recovery in dry granulation of molten blast furnace slag}, author = {Tetsuro, N. and Hiroshi, N. and Koichi, F. and Tsukio, I.}, abstractNote = {In a research and development project undertaken jointly between IshikawajimaHarima Heavy Industries Co. and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., a process has been

Some Fundamental Aspects of Dry Slag Granulation Process

Some Fundamental Aspects of the Dry Slag GranulationProcess . Sharif Jahanshahi*, Yuhua Pan and Dongsheng Xie . CSIRO Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship, Clayton, Victoria, 3168, Australia . Abstract: There is a growing interest in development of a dry slag granulation (DSG) process so as to recover the

(13h) Experimental Investigation of a Dry Slag Granulation

In this work, we have performed an experimental analysis on a dry slag granulation unit using rosinparaffin wax mixture (liquid mixture in 4:1 ratio based on weight) as an analogue to BF slag. A spinning disc was employed to atomize the molten liquid mixture in the form of fine droplets under the action of centrifugal force.


granulation and steel slag pyrolytic selfslaking have made progress and are applied in a number of large steelmaking companies in China. Current researches and developments are focusing on the dry granulation of molten BF slag with high efficiency of heat recovery. In this paper, the dry granulation process flow and semi

Siemens and Baosteel cooperate in slag granulation

Siemens Metals Technologies and Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Baosteel group, will be cooperating in future in the granulation of slag produced in BOF converters and electric arc furnaces.

(ET)Dry Granulation of Molten Blast Furnace Slag and

The sensible heat of slag particles was converted to chemical heat through the pyrolysis reaction. Experimental Part 1: Dry granulation of molten BFS Materials The BF slag used was from Chongqing Iron and Steel Co. China in this experiment. The main chemical compositions of the slag are shown in

The SLAGREC project for an innovative direct dry

certain level of free lime content of slag or take under strait control all the characteristics of the slag. ASO has recently developed a new, ecoinnovative system for slag collection by means of a dry granulation treatment, which can simplify the handling of the slag out of the EAF and keep

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Paper Slag Valorisation Symposium. In this paper, the dry granulation process flow and semi industrial valorisation are 21% for steel slags and 76% for blast furnace slags.


Aug 03, 2016 ·Ł. A dry slag granulation system comprising a rotary atomising granulator (6) and a tundish (3) wherein the granulator comprises a cup or disk (5) wherein the tundish comprises a delivery outlet (4), an overflow outlet (7) and a set of moveable mounts (8a, 8b) and wherein the device further comprises at least one of a tundish weight sensor, a granulator drive motor power sensor (13), a


Dry Slag granulation a development that has been in the pipeline for many years Current initiative is backed by the drive to recover energy Prototype plant built at voestalpine Linz BF#A Potential to recover ~20 MW th or ~6 MW el from a BF slag flow of 1 to/min Production of a dry valuable slag

Dry Granulation to Provide a Sustainable Option for Slag

Dry slag granulation is destined to replace conventional water granulation of molten slags in the not too distant future, creating a paradigm shift in the history of slag treatment. In this dry process, molten slag is atomised under centrifugal forces on a spinning disc and the slag droplets generated are quenched and solidified quickly using air.

Experimental study of rotating dry slag granulation unit

Aug 25, 2016 · Read "Experimental study of rotating dry slag granulation unit: Operating regimes, particle size analysis and scale up, Applied Thermal Engineering" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publiions available at your fingertips.

Inspiring the Future by Driving Technology Siemens

from a slag flow of 60 t/h . or >6MW. el Feasible due to rising energy costs Reduced gas volume due to reduced gas temperature. Environmental benefit Significantly reduce energy demand and CO2 emissions. Solution Dry granulation of slag with rotating cup . Baosteel COREX ® C3000 . Energy recovery from dry slag granulation. Reduced emissions

(PDF) ''Dry'' Granulation of Slags for Producing Cement Binder

''Dry'' granulation (atomisation) is emerging as an alternative technology, the resulting solid product does not require drying, and possibilities exist for recovering heat energy from the hot slag.

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Dry slag granulation with heat recovery. Primetals Technologies, voestalpine Stahl, the FEhS – Building Materials Institute and the University of Leoben joined forces in an R&D program to develop a new drygranulation technology using air to cool molten slag and recover the lost heat energy.

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Dry slag granulation could make a fundamental change in slag treatment. In this new approach, molten slag is atomized under centrifugal forces on a spinning disc, and the droplets generated are quenched and solidified quickly using air, with simultaneous heat recovery.

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Slag handling is an important aspect of modern blast furnace operation. Today, blast furnace slag is a saleable product (granulated slag sand used as CO 2friendly substitute of clinker in cement production) rather than a difficult and costly waste material.Paul Wurth has developed the INBA ® slag granulation process, incorporating our proprietary dynamic INBA dewatering drum.

Abstract: Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag for Heat

In summary dry granulation of blast furnace slag allows an environmental friendly and sustainable subsequent processing for one of the last big heat recovery potentials at a modern blast furnace. [1] References [1] McDonald, I., Long, E., Werner, A. & Most, D. (2010) Dry slag granulation The environmental friendly way to making cement.

(642e) Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag for Heat

Nov 07, 2013 · Using dry slag granulation at integrated steel and iron mills will gain access to the sensible heat of the blast furnace slag. The recovered energy can be used for the production of steam or electricity or for other useful preheating processes. An energy

AISTech2018 Dry Slag Granulation – The Future Way to

Dry slag granulation is based on molten slag atomization using a variable speed rotating cup or dish (see Fig. 1). The slag is fed from the slag runner via a vertical refractory lined pipe directly onto the center of the rotating cup.

Slag Heat Recovery Industrial Efficiency Technology

In modern blast furnaces around 0.250.30 tons of liquid slag with a temperature of approximately 1450°C are produced per ton of pig iron. A number of slag heat recovery systems have been proposed. However none have yet been applied commercially due to technical difficulties that arise in the development of a safe, reliable and energyefficient system.

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Dry Slag Granulation: A Path to Improving the Safety and, Slag dumping and water granulation are the most commonly used slag treatment methods in the metallurgical industri In both processes, water is present (by desire for cooling and dispersion or as a result of rain accumulation) and thus equipment and operations are designed to minimize

Granulation characteristics of molten blast furnace slag

Jan 01, 2018 · With this technology, dry slag granulation acts as a prerequisite and key role towards realizing the ultimate heat recovery rate and slag quality. To this end, several techniques including rotary drum, air blast, and centrifugal granulation have been developed .

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